Amongst many other things, I’ve been  privileged to have trained at the University of Chichester in an approach to music called ‘Lifemusic’. The tutor and Director of ‘Lifemusic’ is Doctor Rod Paton who is inspirational ! What a great thing to be able to say about someone !      The principles of ‘Lifemusic’ are :

* we are all musicians,

* there are no wrong notes,

* every sound has a meaning.

I work with all ages and have around 80 instruments ranging from  djembe drums and synthesisers to a ‘Soundbeam’ and including the instruments you see in the photo.

The music begins wherever we want it to begin. Someone playing a rhythm on a djembe, or notes on a finger piano. Participants join in where and when they want to, or drop out when they want to. We then either ‘play around’ with sound perhaps mirroring each other with different instruments or building up a crescendo of sound around the circle. Often we create a ‘sound picture’ by working to a theme chosen by the group. Children often choose the jungle or a  wood, outer space or the North Pole. We use our voices which as you can imagine, if we’re in the jungle includes monkeys and elephants and of course – lions !

Adults have  chosen themes like The National Anthem, or by the sea.

On some occasions I also use fabrics and tissue paper for participants to create their own jungles or seascapes complete with rivers and streams and insects and flowers.

One of the first things that Rod said to us as students of ‘Lifemusic’ was “Music is all around us. Just listen. ”

I went to Worthing beach the next day and listened. The sound of a dog as it crunch crunched along the pebbles. A seagull screeching overhead. A rook in a tree. People laughing.

Yes, music is all around us whether we’re outdoors or indoors; in the open space of nature or in a store.

Just listen.

It’s part of rhythm of life !

Thank you,  Chris.








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