I’ve been thinking about awareness and how aware am I ? On Friday June 8th I went for a walk through the Ilex trees in Goring by Sea.

Before I reached the trees and by the side of the pathway alongside the sea, there was a gnarled and wisened tree.

It had a personality – in a tree kind of way – and I stopped to look and take in the complexity of shape, texture and form.

My imagination created an idea of the tree talking to me and this is what I heard :


Listen, listen said the tree,

You humans scurry by

And rarely look at me.

My mysterious form

And leaning arms

Bark framed eyes

And upturned palms.

I’m bending down to listen

To hear what you will say

But you scurry by

Until another day.

Spend a moment of awareness

To really take me in.

Use your sense of awareness

To shut out all the din !

Look at me –

I’m more than just a tree……….

                                                                             So much more than just a tree !!!!


I’ll be writing more about awareness and how many areas of our lives are asleep in my next Blog.

Thank you.             Chris.