Story telling


Today I’m joined by a great pal of mine whom I’ve known for fifteen years – Charlie the Chimp ! Some of you will remember him from the times he joined us at Workshops. Over the next few weeks he’ll join me again on YouTube with some magic, music and fun. If you have a request for Charlie please post it on the CONTACT part of this website. I hope you enjoy this fun time with Charlie !!!


Mr Linnington their class teacher welcomed them and the children sat at their desks ready for another day. “I’ve got some news everybody. This morning two new children are joining us and we must make sure they settle in”. The new arrivals were not how the class expected them to be. In fact in many ways the two were, “Out of this world !” Who were the new pupils ? Where were they from and how did they feel about their strange new life ? We are all different, all have our own gifts, sometimes we feel anxious, other times ‘over the moon’ ! Find out more about Celeste and Ganymede and their amazing journey …….


This is a tale about a wonderful fairy door adventure. Join Freya as she visits a magical fairy land, meets some new friends including Luna and Aurora, discovers fairy cakes and returns back home with some sugary rose buds. We all love Fairy Tales – this is my own specially written fairy story. If you’d like a story or poem written especially for you, (with your carers/parents permission) please leave a request in COMMENTS on this website. I look forward to writing something just for YOU !!!