Thank you for stopping by ! I’d like to give you a quick tour of my new website which is a companion to Freedom Through Fun http://www.freedomthroughfun.co.uk

Along the top bar you’ll see seven headings.

HOME. This is my page for giving you a very warm welcome and any updates on any news.

CONTACTS AND COMMENTS. Leave your requests here for stories or poems you’d like me to create for you as one of my video stories. Perhaps a tale about a pet dog or cat; an imaginary character – or I’ll go wherever your imagination takes you.

MUSIC. Sometimes I use music and fabrics to ‘paint a fuller picture’ of the story I’m telling. Here I explain a bit more and give some ideas on how you too can use sound and music to lift your stories and poems off the page !

POETRY. I love poetry as much as stories. Here you’ll find some favourites of mine, as well as some I’ve written myself including those you’ve requested.

STORY TELLING. Week by week, I’ll build my collection of both video and written stories to share with you. At times, I’ll also use props and costumes and invite you to take part in the action !

ARCHIVE. You’ll find a variety of my early Blogs which I began writing in 2018.

ABOUT ME. A few things about me and what I do.

I hope you find my new ‘Tales Upon A Time’ imaginative, interesting and somewhere you’ll come back to every so often.

Be creative, make up stories, dream a little, play !

Chris. May 12th. 2020